AACC faculty and staff with an office extension have access to voicemail.

Setting Up Your Voicemail
  1. Dial 1400 (410-777-1400 from off campus); or press the Voicemail icon on your telephone.

A button with an image of a cassette tape

  1. Enter your temporary PIN - 20110
  2. Listen carefully to the prompts and respond as directed.
  • Record your name - this is your name, not a greeting.
  • Record a personal greeting that callers will hear when you do not answer your phone.
  • Change your phone PIN (password).

The system will tell you when you have finished, and your voicemail setup is complete. If you hang up before finishing, you have not completed the process and will be prompted to complete the setup the next time you access your voicemail box.

Listening to Messages from your Office Phone
  1. Dial 1400 or press envelope icon on your telephone.
  2. Enter your PIN (password) and press #.
  3. Follow the voice instructions.
Accessing Voicemail from Another Phone (externally or another extension)

1. Dial 410-777-1400 (internal 1400).
2. When messaging system answers, press * (you will not be prompted to enter the *). To access voicemail, you can enter the * at any time.
3. When prompted, enter your ID (extension) and press #.
4. Enter your PIN (password) and press #.

A cartoon hand holding a cell phone.

Voicemail Shortcut Reference
[1] New Messages
[3], [1] Saved Messages
[3], [2] Deleted Messages
During Message Playback   After Message Playback
[1] Restart Message   [1] Replay Message
[2] Save   [2] Save/Restore as saved
[3] Delete   [3] Delete
[4] Slow playback   [4] Reply
[5] Change volume   [5] Forward message
[6] Fast playback   [6] Save as new/Restore as new
[7] Rewind message   [7] Rewind message
[8] Pause/resume   [9] Play message properties
[9] Fast forward   [#] Save as is
[#] Fast-forward to end    
[#] [#] Skip message, save as is   Use These Keys Anytime
    [0] Help
    [*] Cancel or back up

Still have questions?  Contact the Technical Service Desk or submit a service offering for on the Telephone & Voicemail service page.


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