Import Browser Data from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge


This article provides instruction for importing web browser data from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge. 


Microsoft is ending support for Internet Explorer.  You may choose to import your old data, including history and bookmarks from Internet Explorer into Edge. 


1. Open Microsoft Edge.

2. At the top right of the screen, select the ellipsis next to your profile icon in the menu bar.

Three dot menu in Edge.

3. A menu drop-down will appear. Select the Setting option in the list.

Settings gear in Edge menu

4. The Setting Menu will open, and the default page should be Your Profile. If it is not, select Profile on the left menu to bring up the page, then click Import Browser Data.

Import browser data setting option.

5. The Import Browser Data page will display. Select the Choose what to Import button.

Choose what to import setting option.

6. Select the drop-down arrow under the Import From window and select Internet Explorer. A pop-up will appear asking what browser to import data from (the default choice is set according to what is selected as the default browser on the user's workstation). Ensure all options are checked except for “Saved Passwords.”

Internet Explorer import from dropdown.

NOTE: There is a warning symbol next to passwords. It warns that “Previously imported passwords for the same sites will be overwritten.”

This means if the you have a current webpage bookmarked in Edge with a saved password and the import from Internet Explorer has the same website, The import will OVERWRITE the current password saved in Edge!

7. You may choose to your IE password to Edge.  Once you have selected an option, select the Import button to complete the transfer. Once the transfer is complete, verify that the your browser data has been copied to Edge.


Still have questions?  Contact the Technical Service Desk or complete the Software Troubleshooting request.  


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