Student H Drive to OneDrive Migration


The Division of Information and Instructional Technology (IIT) will be migrating all student accounts from the H (Home) Drive to Microsoft OneDrive. This migration includes all active students, regardless of their enrollment status and all faculty & staff @mymail accounts.

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The migration to OneDrive for faculty/staff ( acounts) and students enrolled in the Spring 2023 semester will occur between 4:00 p.m. on May 25 and 8:00 a.m. on May 27.

Students not enrolled in courses for Spring 2023 will be migrated to OneDrive May 12 - 20.

How to Prepare
  • Remove any unused files on your H Drive.  
  • Do not change your password between May 25 and May 27.
How does this change my day-to-day?

The short answer is, it probably won’t. Nearly all of the migration’s aspects will be addressed by IIT staff behind the scenes, without you even knowing it. After migration, there are a few ways to access your files:

  1. OneDrive Client: Accessing your student files from an AACC classroom/computer lab or personal computer can be accomplished utilizing the OneDrive application (app). The OneDrive app is installed on all AACC computers and may come pre-installed on your personal Windows device.  You can also download it here.  Instructions for linking your AACC account with OneDrive can be found in the Logging in to the OneDrive Client knowledge base article. 
  2. OneDrive from a Web Browser: The easiest way to access your files on a personal device is through a web browser. Simply sign into MyAACC and select OneDrive.
Additional Information
Title Description
Accessing OneDrive from a Web Browser or Computer Lab Instructions for accessing OneDrive from a personal device. 
Logging in to the OneDrive Client Instructions for logging in to the OneDrive client on an AACC device.
Quick Access & Recent Files Errors Quick access and recent files may not be accessible from your device.
Correcting Invalid File Names Instructions for conflicts regarding misnamed files.
OneDrive Icon Descriptions Explanations and resolutions for OneDrive icons or errors.

Contact the Technical Service Desk or complete a service offering on the M365 Applications Services Page.   


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