What does the ticket status mean?

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New (Class: New):  The ticket is available to be worked on and any assigned technician can claim it.

Open (Class: In Process):  Ticket has been acknowledged, but work has not begun. 

In Process (Class: In Process):  Ticket has been evaluated and work is currently progressing.  

On Hold (Class: On Hold):  This status is used when the task that needs to be completed is in the future.  An off hold date must be set.  

Waiting for Customer Response (Class: On Hold): This status is used by the IIT technicians when they are waiting for the customer to respond.

Resolved (Class: Completed): This status is used when the technician believes that the customer issue has been resolved.  The customer has not approved the solution yet. 

Closed (Class: Completed):  Work has completed on the request and no further actions are planned.  Service provider and customer agree that the request is fulfilled. 

Cancelled (Class: Cancelled):  Ticket requester has withdrawn the request.  

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