Troubleshooting Common Wi-fi Problems


Students and faculty/staff may experience problems or disruptions using AACC online services if they have a poor wireless connection. If you can connect to the wireless system, but have a poor connection you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Poor audio or video quality in online calls
  • Disconnection from online meetings
  • Disconnection from VPN or RDP sessions
  • Delays in opening or saving files remotely
  • Outlook taking a long time to download new messages
  • Other similar issues may occur

There are several ways to resolve the issue, not all of these methods will be applicable.


Option 1: Try restarting the router/modem. If it has been running unattended for months then a restart may resolve some issues.

Option 2: Move the computer and router closer to each other, or even into the same room. The further away you are, the weaker the signal is and the more things can cause interference. Household appliances, such as microwaves and cordless phones can generate interference on the same frequencies when in use. Other appliances may weaken the signal if it has to pass directly through them.

Option 3: Try a wired connection. Most laptops have an Ethernet port and can plug into an open port on the router with a standard network cable. This bypasses the wireless component of both the router and the laptop. Typically a directly wired connection is faster and far more stable than a wireless connection. If you are directly connected and still experiencing issues, this may be a sign that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is not providing you a stable connection. If you experience this you may wish to call your ISP and have them check from their end, there may be an issue they can resolve remotely.

Ethernet Cable -

Option 4: Advanced users may be able to adjust the settings on the router so that it broadcasts on a different channel. If you live in a more densely populated area, multiple nearby wireless signals may be overlapping and causing interference. This is akin to trying to carry on a conversation in a very busy location, all the extra noise makes it harder for each side to hear the other. Changing channels could then be compared to moving to a quieter location to talk. Please refer to your router documentation or contact your ISP for assistance, as AACC technicians cannot assist with this.

Option 5: Wireless router issues may be resolved by updating the firmware. Please refer to your router documentation or contact your ISP for assistance, as AACC technicians cannot assist with this.

Option 6: If a wired or a wireless connection at short range works, but you cannot feasibly work from that location you may need to acquire a device to extend your wireless or provide a network connection in another room. Check with your ISP for their preferred method of extending the wireless signal.


For questions or to report a problem with your AACC hardware, please submit the Hardware Failure or Problem Service Offering. Problems with AACC Wireless? - Please submit the appropriate form on the AACC Wireless Service

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