Network Drive Access

What Is This Service?

Shared network drives are file directories stored on AACC servers. These may include a personal Home Directory or file directories for your department, team, or work group. Access may be Read Only or Read/Write.

Where Can I Get It?

You can find more specific information about each service offering by locating the Service Offerings module on this page and selecting a service offering from the list.

Additional Information

If requesting access to locations on network drive folders be sure to send the exact location of the folder and include permission from the folder owner if available.


Request Shared Drive Access Request a New Shared Drive Request Help with Network Drives


Service ID: 45887
Wed 9/23/20 10:37 AM
Fri 10/15/21 8:43 PM

Service Offerings (3)

Request Shared Drive Access
Request access to an existing shared network folder.
Request New Drive Share
Request a new network folder.
Shared Network Drive Troubleshooting
Report a problem connecting to a network shared drive.