Microsoft Viva Briefings


The daily briefing email from Microsoft Via helps you stay in control of your calendar and plan your workday.  Each morning, you will receive an email about any relevant items to help you better prepare for the day ahead.

Email Briefings Content

A bulleted list of the features of Cortana.

A picture of a bulleted list of Cortana benefits pulled from previous Microsoft support link.


Cortana Subscription Settings



There are two unsubscribe links within the briefing email.  At the top of the briefing message click here in the sentence “You can unsubscribe here.”  Alternatively, scroll to the bottom of the briefing email and select Unsubscribe.

A blue "Unsubscribe" link is circled in red. The link is located in a gray box on the bottom of a Cortana briefing email.

Re-subscribe to Cortana Daily Briefings

Navigate to and sign in with your AACC email address and password.  Click Subscribe.

A blue subscribe button with white text is circled in red.  The button is located in a gray box on the website.

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