Don't See Courses in Canvas


Don't see all your courses in Canvas?  Check out the instructions below to view all your courses. 


1. Sign in to the MyAACC Portal.

My AACC Log In

    2.  Select Access My Courses Tile.

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       3.  Select Courses in the Ribbon on the left and All Courses and Future Enrollment (if necessary) if course is not shown.

Several clickable buttons including one labeled "Courses" in a teal color ribbon on the left of a rectangular box with white background. Teal color text links for one or two classes and a link for "All Courses" .



Reasons for not seeing your course:

  1. It takes time to load online classes so you will not see your course immediately after registering. Online courses load every 4 hours starting at 830 a.m. until 12:30 a.m.
  2. Courses will appear in Canvas three days before the start date. Courses are removed from Canvas one week after the course end date.
  3. Non-Credit Ed2go courses do not show up under Canvas. For Ed2go instructions go to
  4. If you were dropped from the course due to non-payment.


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