Classroom & Instructional Technology

Learn how to use instructional technology, such as Canvas and classroom A/V equipment.

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Canvas Learning Management System

Canvas is AACC's Learning Management System. Instructors use Canvas to provide course information, class materials, exams, and more.

Classrooms, Presentation Spaces, and Meeting Rooms

Find help using technology in smart classrooms, presentation spaces, and meeting rooms.

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Zoom (online) Class Help

This Article is intended to help Zoom users troubleshoot, operate and adjust volume, microphone settings and video settings before a Zoom meeting begins and also while a meeting is in session.

AACC Bookstore Website

How to create an AACC Bookstore account

Assistive Listening Devices

Classrooms and presentation spaces in the Health and Life Sciences Building (HLSB) at AACC are equipped with hardware to support assistive listening devices (ALDs).  Assistive Listening Devices are handheld devices that improve sound transmission for people with hearing loss.

Ordering Books

This article was developed for the purpose of helping students order books through the AACC website.

Requesting a Loaner Laptop

This article explains how to students can borrow a laptops, hotspots, headsets and/or webcam from the library.

Insight instructions to lock screen/keyboard/mouse, and/or share instructor screen

Instructions on how to use Insight to broadcast the instructor screen, monitor and/or control student PCs, in the computer labs where the software is installed.