Insight instructions to lock screen/keyboard/mouse, and/or share instructor screen


This document provides instructions on how to use the application, Insight to broadcast the instructor screen, monitor and/or control student PCs, in the computer labs where the software is installed. 

For other Insight features, view the full Insight Teacher Console user guide:

  1. Open Insight Teacher Console.

    Insight Icon
  2. Leave the default settings and select Start.

    Insight Console
  3. Select each workstation screen (notice the blue box around selected screens) and verify the number of computer’s selected.

    Screen selection
  4. If you would like to lock the student computer, select the FOCUS button, then start Lock screen and/or Lock keyboard and mouse.

    Control options
  5. To broadcast the Instructor screen, select the Share button, then start Share My Screen.

    Instructor share screen

Still have questions?  Contact the Technical Service Desk or complete the Computer Software service offering request.  

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