Computer Software

What Is This Service?

AACC supports a wide range of software suites and applications.  Non-standard software can be requested by faculty and staff to be installed on their AACC computers. Authorizations and a Service Request Form should be completed.  Select the Software Installation Service Offering for more details. 

Where Can I Get It?

Your AACC devices contains a standard software load, including Windows  or MacOS, Microsoft Office, Internet browsers, etc.  If you need a piece of non-standard software installed on your AACC device, view the Service Offerings of this Service to submit a request.  

Additional Information

Not all software can be fully supported by Information & Instructional Technology (IIT).  We will provide best effort support for non-supported software.  


Request Software Installation Request Help with Software Report a Problem with Software Software Purchase Inquiry

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Service Offerings (4)

Software Installation Request
Request the installation of software on an AACC desktop or laptop computer.
Software Troubleshooting
Request troubleshooting assistance with a specific software application.
Problem with Software
Report an issue or error occurring with a software application.
Software Purchase Inquiry
Request for non-standard software be pricing. The average turnaround time for quotes is 5 business days (analysis may take longer). Departments will pay for all non-standard software, this includes licenses and maintenance