How to Clear your Browser Cache


If you're receiving authentication errors when attempting to log into a web-based application, a good first troubleshooting step is to clear your browser's cache. A web browser is the software application that you use to access websites. Web browser examples: Safari, Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. 

Your web browser contains a folder where it saves some items to be used in the future, for faster web navigation. These items may include usernames/passwords that are used for authentication. 


AACC employees have a student and employee account. Some online services authenticate using the student account and some online services, specific to employees, use the employee account to authenticate. Clearing your browser cache removes the saved items that may prevent you from successfully signing in to an online service.


Select one of the links below to view a web page with instructions for clearing browser cache in your preferred web browser.

Clear My Cache

Choose your device / Operating System.

Choose your device.

Scroll down to your preferred browser and follow the instructions. 

Example clearing cache in Firefox/Windows.

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