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AACC uses Zoom and Microsoft Teams for video conferencing.  The Zoom application is available on all college issued desktop and laptop computers. In addition, Zoom can be accessed via any web browser.

Faculty and staff can access licensed Zoom accounts to utilize additional features such as break out rooms and meetings over 40 minutes. You can gain access by logging in with your AACC email and password using Single Sign On.

Log in to Zoom here:

Student can access Zoom accounts by logging in with their student email and MyAACC password as well, but will only have a basic license. 


Sign into Zoom with a Web Browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

To sign into Zoom on the web, launch a web browser, navigate to, and select Sign in.

Zoom sign in page.

On the Sign in page, enter your full (ex. email address and password and select Next.  Students should enter their student email address (ex.

Sign in to MyAACC page.

Enter your password on the next screen.

If this is your first time logging into Zoom, you may be asked to verify your email address. Select Activate Account in the latest email from Zoom to verify your email address. If you currently have a personal Zoom account associated with your AACC email, you will have to confirm that you would like to become a licensed account member under the AACC organization by selecting Confirm in the latest email from Zoom.

Note: If you went directly to instead of the link above, select SSO, then enter "aacc-edu" and select Continue.

Zoom sign in page.

Zoom SSO with aacc-edu entered.

Sign into Zoom with the Application

To sign in with the desktop app, launch the Zoom App, select Sign In, and then select sign in with SSO.

Zoom application sign in.

On the next screen, type "aacc-edu" for the company domain, and select Continue.

Zoom application SSO page with aacc-edu entered.

Zoom will open a browser window asking you to sign in with your full AACC email address and password. Ex. (employee) (student).

Once logged in, the browser will attempt to open the Zoom app. If your browser asks to open Zoom, select Open.


For more information, please visit Zoom’s FAQ at:



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AACC uses Zoom and Teams as their video conferencing software. Zoom and Teams are available on all college issued desktop and laptop computers.