Employee Parking Permit Requests


Each August, all current AACC employees must request or decline an employee parking pass from MyAACC Self Services.  Follow the instructions below to accept or decline the parking permit request. 

Please note, all new employees hired after August 1 of the current year will need to request a parking permit directly from the Department of Public Safety using the attached PDF form

  1. From the MyAACC Portal,
  2. Navigate to Self Services from either the Main Menu button or from the Self Services card.

Self Service link in the MyAACC Portal.

Verify your Current Mail Stop

  1. Select Employment from the left navigation menu. 
  2. Select Employee.
  3. Select Campus Mail Stop.
  4. Review your Current Office Location and Current Mail Stop
  5. If your office or mail stop is incorrect, select the link entitled Employee Office Update to submit a request to update this information prior to requesting a new parking permit.

Employee Office Update in Self Services.

Request a Parking Permit

  1. After you've successfully verified or updated your Campus Mail Stop, select your username on the Self Services home page.

Username in the top right corner of Self Services.

  1. Select Required Agreements.

Required Agreements under your username in Self Services.

  1. All employee agreements will be displayed.  Select View to accept or decline the Parking Permit Required Agreement. 

Required agreements list.

  1. Select Accept to request a parking pass. 

Parking permit agreement accept or reject buttons.

  1. You will receive a message stating that your agreement was accepted.  Select Yes to print a copy of the agreement, or No to skip printing. 

Agreement accepted message from Self Services.

A confirmation email will be sent to your employee account and will include your current Mail Stop location.  Example email:

River Hawk,

The Department of Public Safety and Police has received your request for a parking permit.

You should be receiving your new permit within the next week. It will be sent by interoffice mail to the address listed below.

If the address below is incorrect or you wish to pick up your permit at the Department of Public Safety and Police, please reply to this email with your requested location.

To update your office information for future parking permit request, complete an Employee Office Update request and the Technical Service Desk will assist you.

If you have any questions please contact the Department of Public Safety and Police at extension 2440.

Thank you.

Chief of Police / Director of Public Safety

Permit will be sent to the following address:


River Hawk

CRSC 108

Please contact the Department of Public Safety and Police as you have a security hold on your account.

Parking Pass Delivery

Your new employee parking pass will be delivered via interoffice mail to your mail stop location.  You may also request to pick up your parking pass from Public Safety in the Central Services Building (CSB).

  • Pick up at Public Safety - Reply to the automated email and request to pick up your parking pass from the Central Services Building.
  • Incorrect Mail Stop - If you accidentally submitted your parking permit request with an incorrect campus mail stop, complete the Update your office location service offering AND reply to the automated email to let Public Safety know to deliver your parking pass to your new office location. 

Still have questions?  Contact the Department of Public Safety.  

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