Accessing OneDrive from a Web Browser


Information and Instructional Technology (IIT) recommends saving all AACC related work to your college OneDrive to ensure that you can access it from anywhere.

Faculty and staff can access OneDrive from the file explorer on their AACC device, however when using student computer in a computer lab, OneDrive should be access from a Web Browser (ex. Firefox, Chrome, or Edge).  Follow the steps below for accessing OneDrive from a Web Browser.


Launch a Web Browser and navigate to:

Sign in with your assigned AACC email address and password.

Students - Enter your Instructional email address (

Faculty / Staff - Enter your Administrative email address (

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Welcome to AACC log on page asking for password

Employees will need to approve their sign in, using Multifactor Authentication (MFA).

After logging in, select the app launcher in the top left corner and choose OneDrive.  

App launcher withing the Outlook Web App.

On this page, you will be redirected to OneDrive where you can safely store your work.

OneDrive website.


Still have questions?  Contact the Technical Service Desk or complete the Help with an M365 Application request. 

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