Student Referrals


The following article details the interim Faculty Referrals process.  Faculty Referrals are not available in Colleague Self Services at this time.  IIT plans to release the Student Referral component in Self Services in the future. 

Interim Instructions

Step 1: Sign in to the MyAACC portal and locate the Faculty and Academic Affairs card. Select the Faculty Referral Form.

Faculty Referral in MyAACC

Step 2: Complete the form using the Roster in Self-Services. The email (sample below) will be filled in with the information you provide on the form, and will be sent in real time to the student; copied to the assigned advisor &

Step 3: Stay tuned for an update from the advisor once they have connected with the student.


Student referral sample email.



Still have questions?  Contact the Technical Service Desk or complete the Request Help with Colleague Self Service request.  

For questions, comments & feedback, contact the Advising Office @


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