Azure Education Hub


The Azure Education Hub provides students with downloadable access to a variety of Microsoft applications used by courses in the areas of Science and Technology.  Access to the downloadable links can be accomplished using any modern web browser to obtain the software and install it on a students personal device.


Navigate to and sign in with your student email address (ex.

1. Navigate to the Education service and select the shaded banner Are you a Student? Redeem the Azure for Students offer and get additional free benefits.

Azure "Are you a student" banner

2. Select the green Start free button. 

Start free button

3. Verify your identity by entering your phone number.  Choose Text me or Call me and complete the verification steps.

Verify identity text or call options.

4. Fill out all of the required information on the next page and select Sign up.  Next, wait a moment for your account to be created.  When complete, rate your satisfaction and select Submit

Setting up your account...

5. Navigate back to the Azure portal and select Education under Azure Services.*

Education software available for download.

*Note: you may need to view More services to select Education

You should now have access to resources available to download, such as Windows 11 or other application.


Still have questions?  Contact the Technical Service Desk or complete the Help with Azure service offering request.  

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