Contacting Students in Teams


Contacting students or adding students to groups/teams from your employee account is possible, however students must be added as Contacts prior to being visible in the Teams application. This is due to the employee and student accounts being on separate domains at AACC.

Follow the instructions below to add students as contacts.


Add Student(s) as Contacts

Students must be added as contacts prior to being able to add them to a group/team or chat.

  1. Navigate to the People app by selecting View more apps > People.

Teams People App

  1. Select the Add contact button.
  2. Search for the student by entering all or part of their email address and select Add and Save.

Add Contact to Teams

Now that you've added the student as a contact, you can chat or add the student to a Team (see below).

Using the Chat app with Students

From the Chat app, select New chat and enter all or part of the student's email address. Select the student from the drop down and start chatting.

Chat with student in Teams

Add Students to a Team

From the Teams app, navigate to your Team and select More Options > Manage team. Select + Add member and search for the student using their name or email address.



To report a problem or request help with Microsoft Teams, complete the service offering form on the M365 Application service page

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