Microsoft 365 Applications

What Is This Service?

The Microsoft Office 365 suite of online software applications are available to all AACC users with an or email address.

Where Can I Get It?

The instructional email suite can be accessed from the MyAACC portal.

Administrative (faculty/staff) email can be access here by entering your full email address (ex.

Microsoft 365 applications can be accessed directly from:

You can find more specific information about each service offering by locating the Service Offerings module on this page and selecting a service offering from the list.

Additional Information

AACC faculty, staff, and student are able to download Microsoft Office 365 products after logging in with their AACC credentials.  Check out this knowledge base article for instructions downloading and installing Microsoft Office for Enterprise

Request Help with M365 Report a Problem with M365 Request Teams Number Request External Teams Access Request Help with Copilot

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Service Offerings (5)

Help with an M365 Application
Request assistance with a Microsoft 365 online application. M365 applications can be accessed via an internet browser. Navigate to and sign in with your AACC username/email address and password.
Problem with an M365 Application
Report a problem with a Microsoft 365 online application.
Teams Direct Dial
Your Microsoft Teams account can be assigned a phone number, so that you can dial external number and receive external calls from people outside of AACC.
Teams External (guest) Access
The IIT security team rates the data stored in Teams as high risk because it may contain confidential information. Allowing guest users increases the risk that confidential information may be shared with unauthorized persons.
Help with Copilot
Request assistance with Microsoft Copilot, an AI companion that can help you find answers, create content, provide summaries on a variety of topics, and more.