Communication & Collaboration

Email, Telephones and Microsoft 365 applications: Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, Word, PowerPoint…

Services (6)

Microsoft 365 Applications

The Microsoft Office 365 suite of online software applications are available to AACC users.

Outlook Email

The Microsoft Outlook Client is available on all college issued desktop and laptop computers. This facilitates management of college related email communications, a calendar, and meeting scheduling.

Web/Video Conferencing (Zoom)

AACC uses Zoom and Teams as their video conferencing software. Zoom and Teams are available on all college issued desktop and laptop computers.

Telephones & Voicemail

AACC provides Telecom VOIP services in the form of Desk phones, Cellphones, Virtual on screen Soft Phones, Teams calling, and on-campus Emergency Phones along with Voicemail accessible from many platforms and devices.

Emergency Communications

Emergency Communications are provided to faculty, staff, & students via multiple methods that include Screen Crawlers on all AACC desktop & laptop computers as well as on-request text messaging and email. In addition some parts of campus buildings and public areas have public address systems.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage displays are strategically located inside campus buildings on campus to provide important information for faculty, staff, and students. Several digital signs also exist outside, at the entrances to the college.