Printing & Scanning

What Is This Service?

Printing and scanning support is offered for AACC printers and scanners throughout buildings/offices and classrooms.

Where Can I Get It?

You can find more specific information about each service offering by locating the Service Offerings module on this page and selecting a service offering from the list.  Be sure to provide the asset number and location of the device you need assistance with. 

Additional Information

Large, high output, multi-function printers are leased by AACC from Marco.  If you see this lable on your printer, please contact Marco for support.  Marco also remotely monitors toner, and replaces when needed.  


Request Toner Request Printer Installation Report a Problem with a Printer

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AACC's multifunction printers allow you to send a confidential document to the printer with an access code.  This means that the document will not print until you are at the machine and enter this code. The code is up to the individual and can change every time you use the function.
AACC employees with access to a Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow) printer may "print" documents to an ImageNow Printer, storing them electronically on the AACC server. This knowledge base article goes over common printing problems and troubleshooting steps.


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Service Offerings (3)

Request Toner
Request toner for a printer that is running low or is out of toner.
Printer Installation
Request the installation of a networked or non-networked printer.
Problem with a Printer
Report a printer problem such as a jam or error.