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Instructions for requesting a transfer for a noncredit course.
This article shows how to drop/withdraw from noncredit classes.
If you’re interested in taking a class or series of classes for personal enrichment, career development or certifications that don’t involve college credit, you are a noncredit student. Noncredit students don’t need to apply for admission to AACC. Just choose your course, register and make your payment. Follow the instructions here to register for a noncredit course.
How to access and view your noncredit receipt in the noncredit registration system.
If you're already registered in at least one noncredit course at AACC, you may follow the steps here to view your course schedule.
Instructions for paying a noncredit invoice. Payment may be required for noncredit courses if you registered by the paper form or if you selected an alternate payment method.