Accessing Your Noncredit Receipt


Follow the instructions below to access and view your noncredit receipts.

  1. Navigate to the Noncredit Registration System by selecting the Noncredit Registration from MyAACC or by selecting this link: Non-credit Registration System

  2. Select Login in the top right corner and then Student Login.

    Noncredit registration login screen Noncredit registration system student login selection
  3. Select Continue under I have an AACC account.

    Account type selection page
  4. Type your AACC username and password and then select Sign in. If you do not know your AACC login information, please contact the Technical Service Desk at 410-777-4357 (HELP).

    Sign-in page for noncredit portal
  5. Select My Account History from the left menu column.

    Noncredit student home page
  6. Select Print Receipt for the specific transaction under Pay Your Balance Due Online.

    My account history page
  7. Your receipt will open and be available to download, save, and/or print.

    Example receipt



If you are having trouble access your non-credit account try these steps:

  • Reset your MyAACC password, instructions resetting your MyAACC password can be found here: Reset your MyAACC Account Password
  • Temporary Accounts: After you have successfully registered for a course with your temporary account, you will receive an official AACC student account. The official student account will be how you access the non-credit portal, instead of the temporary account. If you do not know your AACC student username or password, please contact the Technical Service Desk at 410-777-4325.

Still have questions?  Contact the Technical Service Desk at 410-777-4325

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