Information about Admissions, Registration, Financial Aid, Records, Transcripts, Billing, for credit and noncredit students.

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Credit Registration Instructions

Once you’ve applied, taken your placement tests and met with an academic advisor, you can register for credit courses at AACC! Use AACC's Student Planning, Scheduling and Registration system to: monitor your progress, create a plan for graduation, send your plan to your advisor, look for sections, make a schedule, register, add, drop or withdraw, manage your waitlisted sections, and get your grades.

Drop/Withdraw a Credit Class

This article shows how to drop/withdraw from credit classes.

Name Changes

Do you need to change your name with AACC? Follow these instructions.

Obtain my Transcripts

This article was intended to help student quickly obtain a copy of their Un-official or Official copy of their AACC Transcripts.

Pay My Bill

This article contains instructions for making a payment for credit classes.

Student Advising

Instructions on how to seek and connect with the Advising Office.

Update Demographic Information

Update your demographic information with the college.

AACC Bookstore Website

How to create an AACC Bookstore account

Access my 1098-T Tuition Statement

Instructions for accessing a students tuition statement (Form 1098-T) for tax filing purposes.

Access my Financial Aid Awards

Instructions for access to Financial Aid Award information.

Change my Major/Field of Study

This article shows how to select a new field of study and activate a new major.

How To Register for and Access Online Ed2Go Courses

How to Register for and access online Ed2Go courses.

How to Apply for Graduation

Instructions for students to apply for graduation.

Noncredit Registration Instructions

If you’re interested in taking a class or series of classes for personal enrichment, career development or certifications that don’t involve college credit, you are a noncredit student. Noncredit students don’t need to apply for admission to AACC. Just choose your course, register and make your payment. Follow the instructions here to register for a noncredit course.

Drop/Withdraw a Noncredit Class

This article shows how to drop/withdraw from noncredit classes.

Find your Noncredit Class Schedule

If you're already registered in at least one noncredit course at AACC, you may follow the steps here to view your course schedule.

Finding Zoom Links in the Noncredit System

Online noncredit (including IPDs) course links to Zoom or Teams can be found in Student Home in the Noncredit Registration System. Links are also emailed to your student ( account.

Accessing Your Noncredit Receipt

How to access and view your noncredit receipt in the noncredit registration system.

Paying your Noncredit Invoice

Instructions for paying a noncredit invoice. Payment may be required for noncredit courses if you registered by the paper form or if you selected an alternate payment method.

Noncredit Transfer Requets

Instructions for requesting a transfer for a noncredit course.

Personal Enrichment Course Search - Noncredit Course Inventory

How to Search for Personal Enrichment Course using the Noncredit Course Inventory.

Best Practices for Using Self Services

AACC's best practices for utilizing Self Services in the MyAACC Portal.

Clases de Habilidades Básicas de Inglés

Las clases de Habilidades Básicas de Inglés (EBS) están diseñadas para estudiantes que están empezando a estudiar Inglés. Estas clases abordan las habilidades de escuchar, hablar, leer y escribir que se utilizan para el trabajo y la vida cotidiana. A continuación encontrará información sobre cómo registrarse para estas clases y los requisitos necesarios para inscribirse. Si tiene más preguntas no dude en comunicarse con la oficina de ELL al 410-777-2901