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How do I access Canvas?

  1. Select MyAACC from the AACC homepage.

Or navigate to

  1. Sign in with your AACC Email Address and Password and select Sign In. Employees will sign in with [username], and students will sign in with [username]

MyAACC Email Address

MyAACC Sign-in Password Entry

  1. Once logged in to MyAACC select Access Canvas at the bottom of the Access My Courses card. This will give you access to Canvas. Your courses will be visible in Canvas 3 days prior to the course start date.

Access Canvas button underneath Access My Courses



Don't remember your password?

View the following knowledge base article for information on resetting your password.

Still unable to sign in?

If you are seeing an error message that does not indicate that your password is incorrect, try logging into Canvas directly by navigating to and logging in with you AACC email address and password.

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Canvas is AACC’s Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas allows instructors and students to conduct and participate in all aspects of their courses. Canvas is used in nearly all courses at the college as the online hub for delivering content like the syllabus, course schedule, assignments, course modules, study pages, and grades. Canvas allows instructors, students, and classmates to communicate with each other via course discussions, videoconference, and messages. Instructors and students can upload and download assignments, documents, videos, and audio recordings.
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