Configuring Email in Outlook for Android


How do I configure my Outlook email on an Android device?

  1. Tap the Google Play Store App on your Android device.

A blue circle is drawn around a Play Store icon on an Android phone's home screen.

  1. Search Outlook in Search for Apps & Games box. Select Outlook and tap Install.

The store image from the Outlook app on the Android Apps and Games section.

  1. Open the Outlook app and select Get Started to set up your AACC email account.

The opening screen after the Outlook app is installed including a blue button stating "Get Started".

  1. Enter your AACC email address and select Continue. You will be redirected to AACC's authentication site.  Enter your Email Address and Password. Example:
  • Student:
  • Facutly/staff:

Outlook page where user's can type in their email address.

  1. Approve your sign in using multifactor authentication. If prompted to add another account, click SKIP. Continue the prompts to enable Focused Inbox, Outlook Calendar, etc.

The prompts that appear after successfully logging in showing you the features of Outlook.



Don't remember your password?


View the following knowledge base article for information on resetting your password.

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