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Instructions on how to set an Outlook Out of Office Message, also known as an Automatic Reply.
Instructions on how to create an Outlook signature.
Instructions for recovering deleted items in Outlook.
This article shows the user how to update the password on a mobile application after a password reset.
Instructions for accessing instructional/student email (MyMail).
Instructions for setting up AACC Outlook email on Android phones and other devices.
Instructions for setting up AACC Outlook email on Apple / iOS phones and other devices.
Focused Inbox sorts your email to help you focus on what matters most. It separates your inbox into two tabs—Focused and Other. Your most important messages appear on the Focused tab, and the rest are moved to the Other tab.
Unified Messaging will allow you to listen to your voicemail messages without using your phone. You can also delete, save, and retrieve your voicemail messages in the same way as you would an email message.
Mail apps may look different across different devices, and these instructions may not exactly match the options you see. Use these steps as a guide or consult the manufacturer’s guide for your device.