Configuring Email in Outlook for iOS


The following article contains instructions for setting up your AACC email in the Outlook for iOS Mobile App.


Mail apps may look different across different devices, and these instructions may not exactly match the options you see. Use these steps as a guide or consult the manufacturer’s guide for your device.

1. Open Outlook for iOS.

Outlook app Note: You can download Outlook for iOS from the Apple Store. Available for iOS devices using iOS 9.0 or higher.

2. If this is your first time, tap Get Started. Otherwise go to Settings, tap Add Account, tap Add Email Account.

OneDrive add account menu

3. Enter your (Instructional email address) OR (Administrative email address) and tap Add Account.

Add Account Button

4. Enter your email account password and tap Sign In. The MyAACC sign in page will open.

Enter password dialog

5. You will be redirected to the MyAACC log in page. Enter your email account password and tap Sign In.

MyAACC log in page

6. The Add Another Account dialog box will open, tap Maybe Later.

Add another account

7.  The Focused Inbox dialog box will open tap Skip and your inbox will open.

Focused Inbox


Still have questions?  Contact the Technical Service Desk or complete a Service Offering on the Outlook Services Page.  

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