Unified Messaging


Unified Messaging will allow you to listen to your voicemail messages without using your phone. You can also delete, save, and retrieve your voicemail messages in the same way as you would an email message.


Receiving and playing voice messages in Exchange (Outlook)

When a voice message is left on your phone, an email is sent to your email inbox. The email sender may be:

  •  An individual person’s name and extension number as it appears on your phone display.
  •   Cisco Unity Connection Messaging System if the message has been left by an unknown number, such as a mobile or landline.


cisco utility connection

  •   The message will have a .wav attachment. Open the attachment to hear message. 

Managing your messages

Opening the voice message within your email inbox triggers your voicemail to move that message into your Saved Messages and turns off the red message waiting light on the phone itself. (It may take up to 30 seconds for the light to go out).

The envelope icon in the email inbox will not change from a closed envelope to an open envelope, as it does for regular email.

As with normal email messages, the message in your email inbox will turn from bold to regular font. Important: This does NOT necessarily mean the .wav attachment has been played or listened to; it simply means that the email message itself has been read.

Deleting a voice message

  •  Deleting a voice message from within your email inbox sends the voicemail message to your email deleted items. This also sends the voicemail message to your deleted messages in voicemail.
  •  If you erroneously delete a voice message from within your email , you can retrieve the message by simply dragging the email from your deleted items back into your Inbox. Marking this message as Unread will further reactivate the message wait light on your phone and reinstate it as an “unread” message.
  •  Deleting a voicemail using your phone will delete the corresponding message and .wav file from your email inbox and move it to your deleted items folder
  •  Deleted messages remain in your voicemail and email for 3 days, after which time they are deleted from the voicemail system and Outlook and cannot be retrieved.

Important: Do not move the email version of your voice message to another folder other than the email inbox. This would preserve the message within the email system archives and may result in the mailbox reaching its maximum size limit.

Automatic Replies (Out of Office) messages that you set up in Outlook are ignored by the voicemail system and will not reach those who leave you voicemail messages.

Forwarding messages

To forward a voice message you would forward like you where forwarding a regular email.

Messages tool bar

Reply to messages

When replying to a Unified Message in outlook the recipient appears as Name@aacc.cc.md.us

messages toolbar

Remove the @aacc.cc.md.us email address and enter a legit @aacc.edu email address to forward the message. 


Still have questions?  Contact the Technical Service Desk or complete a Service Offering on the  Voicemail Service page. 


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