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Learn how to access your telephone and voicemail at AACC.

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Call Forwarding

Forwarding calls on your Cisco IP Phone allows you to set another line or phone number where calls will be forwarded when it is not possible to answer the call from that specific line. You can set call forwarding to all calls, or in special situations such as if the line is busy or if there is no answer. This article aims to show you how to forward calls on the Cisco IP Series Multiplatform Phone.

Disabling the Cisco "Lower your voice alert"

AACC's Cisco desk phones are equipped with a "Lower Your Voice" alert feature.  The lower your voice alert is enabled by default. When you speak loudly, a warning message is displayed on your phone screen.  A tone also plays if you continue to speak loudly after the first warning.  This alert functions when using handsets or headsets only (not speaker phone).

Teams Direct Dial

How to request and use a Microsoft Teams Direct Dial phone number. Teams Direct Dial is a feature that allows a user to dial and receive phone calls within the Teams application.

Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging will allow you to listen to your voicemail messages without using your phone. You can also delete, save, and retrieve your voicemail messages in the same way as you would an email message.