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This article is designed to show the AACC faculty and staff how to request and use a Microsoft Teams Direct Dial phone number. Teams Direct Dial is a feature that allows a user to dial and receive phone calls within the Teams application. Users will be assigned a new telephone number (ex. 410-777-XXXX) which will be integrated with their Microsoft Teams client. This number can be used to place telephone calls internally and externally by using the Teams App. 


IIT offers several options when requesting a Microsoft Teams Direct Dial phone number: Teams Number - No Forwarding, Teams Number & Forward Desk Phone Number and Convert Office Extension to Teams Number.

1. Teams Number - No Forwarding 
IIT will create a new phone number for you to use in Microsoft Teams.  This number is completely separate from your office/desk phone number.

2. Teams Number & Forward Desk Phone Number 
With this option, you will have two phone numbers.  One for your office/desk phone, and one for Teams. The office/desk phone will be forwarded to your Teams number.

3. Convert Office Extension to Teams Number 
With this option, you may elect to convert your current office/desk phone number into a Teams only number.  Your desk phone number will be assigned directly to your Teams client. Your physical desk phone will be removed.

Supervisor Approval

Anne Arundel Community College has a limited number of available Teams Direct Dial licenses for the users. So in order for you obtain a Teams Direct Dial license, please provide written/email approval from your Supervisor.

Select the Request Teams Number button on the Teams Direct Dial service offering page. Fill out all of the required fields, including your supervisor's name.  Your supervisor will receive an email request for approval. 

How to use your Teams Direct Dial Number

Once you receive confirmation from the Technical Service Desk that a Teams Direct Dial number has been assigned, you will see your number in the Calls tab of Teams. 

Microsoft Teams with direct dial number highlighted under the Calls tab.

You may use this keypad to place calls. Don't forget to dial 9 for external calls, and 1 for long distance calls. 


Still have questions?  Contact the Technical Service Desk or request assistance using one of the service offerings on the Microsoft 365 Applications service page.   






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