Accessing My Canvas Courses


Instructions for accessing courses in Canvas, AACC's Learning Management System (LMS).


Follow these instructions if you are a student and need assistance accessing your course(s) content in Canvas.


1. Log in to your MyAACC account via the MyAACC Portal, at or the MyAACC link on the AACC homepage (

2. Locate the white header titled  Access my Courses and select the ACCESS CANVAS button. See image below:

Access My Courses Box with red arrow pointing to Access Canvas button

Note: When using a PC this may be in the right most column. Using a mobile device browser you will have to scroll down to locate the button.

3. A new tab will open and display the Canvas Dashboard. If the desired course is visible select the link, otherwise proceed to step 4.

4. Select the Courses icon on the left of the screen. Then, select the All Courses link on the pop-out menu. Select the desired course link to open.

Dashboard menu

Note: A limited number of courses may display on the Canvas Dashboard or from the Courses icon. If you see the course you want you can select the course link from there. Otherwise use the All Courses link to see the full list of active courses.

5. Locating links for Zoom meeting online instruction:

a. Non-Credit Courses - for the most part, should have a link similar to what's shown below on the course homepage:

White rectangular box with black border titled "Course information"  The lower portion of the box contains a Zoom hyperlink to the course online meeting as well as the Meeting ID and Passcode.

b. Credit Courses - Zoom meeting links with meeting ID and Passcodes may be found within the Syllabus, Assignments, Modules, or on the Course homepage as an announcement.


Still have questions?  Contact the Technical Service Desk or request assistance using one of the service offerings on the Canvas Learning Management System services page.

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