Grading and Attendance


Grading, attendance tracking, and course rosters are available in Colleague Self Service, accessed from the MyAACC Portal.  Written instructions below are available below.  This quick video tutorial is available here for attendance and grading: New Faculty Links in Self Service

  1. After signing in to MyAACC, select Self Services, either from the Main Menu button in the top left, or from the Self Services card.

Self Services link from MyAACC

  1. Select the Faculty tile on the Self Services home page

  1. Your class assignments will be displayed on this page with full schedule details and meeting information; classes will be grouped by term.  To post grades or attendance, select the Section ID and Title of the section that you want to manage:

Final Grades:

Select Grading, Final Grade, and then select the Final Grade for each student in the Final Grade column.  

Note: you do not need to click save or submit on this page. The grade you select from the drop down list will be verified in an overnight process. After the grade is verified, the student will be able to view it in Self-Services and you will not be able to change it in Self Services.


Navigate to Attendance, select the date of the class session, and select the appropriate attendance option from the drop-down list for each student.  

Note: For classes that do not have schedules, like online learning classes that are not synchronous, the class session selection drop-down will instead display today's date.  Attendance must be submitted once a week for these classes.

Additional attendance statuses may be shown in the drop-down, but only Present  and Absent should be used at this time. 

You do not need to click save or submit on this page. The attendance statuses are saved as you make the selection. 

Obtain information on when attendance was taken:

On the attendance tab, click on the Export button and select “Download CSV”



The save as dialog box will pop-up and you may save the file to a location on your PC for you to review.

The file itself will show all students and what attendance has been taken for them.



Your class roster can be viewed from the Roster section of the Faculty menu. You can quickly create an email with your default mail application and BCC all students by selecting the Email All button. 

Incomplete Grades

A grade change form must be completed to change the “I” grade to a letter grade. Submit a request using the Incomplete Grade Change Form.

  • Complete the form and select Submit to send to the Records and Registration office.
  • The form will be processed by the Records and Registration office within 2-3 business days, and the grade will be entered as part of the students official record.  If there is a discrepancy, please contact the Records and Registration office immediately at
  • An incomplete (I) grade will change to an F no later than one month after the beginning of the next regular term (spring or fall), unless the instructor has submitted an official grade change or deadline extension has been agreed upon by the instructor and approved by the Committee on Academic Standards.
  • The Records and Registration office will not accept this form from anyone except the instructor or department representative.

*Please note, these instructions for incomplete grades are for credit courses only.  Faculty teaching non-credit courses should contact the Instructional Support Center.


Still have questions?  Contact the Technical Service Desk or complete the Request Help with Colleague Self Service request.  


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