Correcting Invalid File Names


If a file or folder cannot be synchronized due to invalid characters, OneDrive will display a red X icon in the notification area and in file explorer next to the file or folder that requires attention.  It is extremely important to remediate invalid file names to ensure that all of your OneDrive files are continuously synced (backed up). 

OneDrive can automatically rename the file or folder if specific conditions are met, otherwise a manual rename can be performed. 


File or folder displays a red X, indicating that a file or folder is not being backed up.

File with red X.

Invalid character examples: " * : < > ? / \ |


If OneDrive can automatically rename the file or folder, you can proceed by navigating to the OneDrive icon located in the notification area and selecting Rename. This will rename each invalid character with an underscore.  

OneDrive misnamed files error.

To manually rename the file, open File Explorer and browse to your OneDrive – Anne Arundel Community College folder.  Right click on the file or folder you would like to rename and select Rename. Provide a name for the file or folder and select Enter. The file should now start synchronizing with OneDrive.

Bad file name with red X.


Still have questions? 

More information regarding invalid file/folder names:

Contact the Technical Service Desk or complete a service offering on the M365 Applications Services Page.  

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