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The Division of Information and Instructional Technology (IIT) will be migrating from Office 2019 Professional to Microsoft 365 on all college desktops and laptops.  Application upgrades will occur overnight based on the schedule below.  If your system is not powered on the schedule date, the upgrade will be delayed until the next overnight window when the system is powered on and available automatically.


Prior to migration:

  • During the week of migration, please be sure to close any open office documents, log off of your computer and do not sign back in until the next morning. If you have more than one computer, please make sure to close any open documents and log off of each computer. This migration will not affect any Microsoft applications or email on your mobile device.
  • Application upgrades will begin at 12:30 a.m. and end by 6 a.m. the following morning.

Post migration :

  • Verify that all Office programs are present.  If any applications are missing or not launching as expected, please contact the Technical Service Desk.
  • On the first launch of an office program after migration you may be prompted to log in.  When this occurs, you should log in with your account.  If you are not prompted, select the ‘Sign In’ button indicated below from within the launched application.

Sign in to office apps

Microsoft 365 Deployment Schedule
Date Device Location
06/26/23 – 06/30/23 ANXA, ANXB, ASTR, AMIL, GBTC, FTM, HCAT
07/05/23 – 07/07/23 CSB, PCPA, PLNT
07/10/23 – 07/14/23 DRGN, HLSB, MATH
07/17/23 – 07/21/23 CADE, FLRS, LBRY, SSVC, SUNB
07/24/23 – 07/28/23 AH*/Loaner, CALT, CDC, CRSC, GYM, HUMN, ICOX, JOHN, RESM, LUDL
  *AH = At Home Device

Not sure of your device location?


Still have questions?  Contact the Technical Service Desk or request a service offering on the Microsoft 365 Applications services page.  

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