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AACC provides students enrolled in specific courses with access to ArcGIS Online which enables access to various mapping and analysis tools from ESRI.  This article provides instructions for accessing ArcGIS Online and associated applications. ArcGIS Online is available via single sign on to students enrolled in courses that require access.  


Students enrolled in courses requiring access to ArcGIS Online can now now use their AACC account ( to sign on instead of having a separate ArcGIS Online username and password.

To access ArchGIS online, students and staff should navigate to

One there, select the “AACC Single Sign-On” button shown below which now appears on the AACC ArcGIS Online login page.

*Note - 

  1. Students who have been granted access to ArcGIS Online prior to the Fall 2023 semester will still have the ability to sign in using their existing account in the “ArcGIS login” field shown above. They may also sign in using their AACC account, but any data they’ve created previously will only be available under the old account.
  2. Faculty should continue to sign in with their existing ArcGIS Online account using the “ArcGIS Login” fields instead of the “AACC Single Sign-On”.

ArcGIS Sign In Page


Still have questions?  Contact the Technical Service Desk or complete a Service Offering on the Computer Software Services page


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