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This article provides instructions for accessing Adobe applications.  Adobe Creative Cloud Applications are available for all fac/staff.  Some students enrolled in courses that require access to Adobe applications also have access. Courses that generally have access to Adobe applications are: ART-100, ART-106, ART-254, LGS-112. If you are unsure if your specific course offers access to Adobe applications, contact your instructor.

Courses with access:

  • ART-100
  • ART-106
  • ART-254
  • LGS-112

1. Navigate to and select on Sign In in the top right.

Red arrow pointing to the Sign In link in the top right of the page.

2. Enter your full email address ( for students and for employees) and select Continue.

3. Next, it will redirect you to an AACC log in page. Enter your AACC password and select Sign in.

4. Once logged in, select the Waffle button in the top right.

Red arrow pointing at the Waffle button.

5. Then select More at the bottom of the waffle menu.

red arrow pointing at the More link found at the bottom of the Waffle menu.

6. Select View All next to Creative Cloud Apps.

Red arrow pointing at the View All located next to Creative Cloud Apps.

7. Another tab will open. You should see all the applications listed. From this page, you may select Install to download and install Adobe applications on your personal computer. 

Adobe apps with an arrow pointing to the download option.


Still have questions?  Contact the Technical Service Desk.

Note: If you are an employee and need Adobe applications installed on your AACC-owned device, please submit a Software Installation Request.

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