Technology Access

Credit and Noncredit Students

  • Noncredit Student accounts are created when a new student registers and pays for at least one course using the Noncredit Registration System.
  • Credit Student accounts are created after the successful completion of a credit application
  • Student accounts remain active at AACC for up to 16 months after their last class.  MyAACC and Self Services remain active to allow students to register for additional classes. Active student accounts have access to the following:
    • MyAACC
    • Canvas
    • Self Services
    • MyMail
    • Office 365 and OneDrive
  • Adobe - Students enrolled in courses that require access to the Adobe Creative Suite will have access to Adobe through the end of their course.  Access is removed immediately after the last day of the course.

Students will receive the following message to their AACC email prior to their account:

This courtesy email is to inform you that your MyAACC student account ( will be deactivated in the next 14 (1st notification) 7 (2nd notification) days. Student accounts are available to active students and are deactivated after 16 months of course inactivity.

Once your account is deactivated you will no longer have access to AACC systems and services including, but not limited to:

  • Canvas
  • MyAACC Portal and Self-Services
  • Microsoft services (Outlook email, Office, Teams, OneDrive, etc.)

If you no longer need your account or any of the services or data, then you don't have to do anything. However, if you are using any of the above services, please make sure to back up and/or copy all relevant data as soon as possible. Once the account is removed all data is deleted.

See the links for more information on AACC Technology Access and Backing-up Student Email/OneDrive.

To register for courses, contact the Records and Registration Office (410-777-2243) for credit courses or the Instructional Support Center (410-777-2325) for noncredit courses, during standard business hours.


  • Temporary Employees - accounts will remain active 4 months after not being paid, after which they will be be disabled, then deleted 90 days later.
  • Full-time Staff & Faculty - accounts will remain active while currently employed.  Accounts will be disabled on the last day of employment, and deleted 90 days later.
  • Adjunct Faculty - accounts will remain active 180 days after not being paid/teaching, after which they will be disabled, then deleted 12 months later. Select Adjunct Faculty Account Details below for more information. 


Adjunct Faculty Account Details


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Student accounts remain active for two years after their last class. Follow the instructions below for backing up your student Outlook email and/or OneDrive prior to account deletion.