Account & Password Management

Password Management, account management, and accessing MyAACC.

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Admissions/Recruit Account

Help related to a prospective student application account, known as a Recruit account.

MyAACC Account

Help with accessing and utilizing your MyAACC account/password. MyAACC is used by students and employees to access student email, Canvas, Self Services, and more.

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is required for faculty and staff to access M365 services. This includes Email, OneDrive, Teams, Office Suite, Forms, Bookings, and other Microsoft applications. Microsoft MFA is also used to authenticate for remote access (FortiClient / VPN).

Azure Authentication

Instructions and FAQs related to the migration from our on-premises federated system (ADFS) to Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure sign-in.

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MyAACC Portal Overview

MyAACC is the college’s student and employee portal. Only authorized users can access the site. Students can register for class, pay their bill, manage financial aid, view grades, make appointments with an advisor, check college email, access online courses and more. Faculty and staff use MyAACC to access employee resources, such as the intranet, Self Services, and employee email, etc.

Technology Access

Student accounts remain active for 16 months after your last class at AACC. Students may utilize MyAACC and Self Services to register for additional classes during this 16 month period.

Name Changes

Do you need to change your name with AACC? Follow these instructions.

New Employee Checklist

This article describes the employee account creation process and many other new employee tasks, tips, and tricks.

Password Management FAQs

All AACC students, faculty and staff use the Password Management tool to update their password and manage verification options. The following list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) has been compiled to assist the AACC community with utilizing the Password Management Tool.

Update Demographic Information

Update your demographic information with the college.


AACC employees and students have access to mobile ID cards, accessible from an Android or iOS device. Physical IDs are still available for some Health Science students required to have a physical ID.