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Welcome to AACC!  This article describes the employee account creation process as well as many other new employee tasks, tips, and tricks.

Human Resources information for New Hires can be found on the AACC Human Resources New Hires Website.

Activate your MyAACC Account

Step 1: Create a Password

Once you've completed your paperwork with Human Resources, you will receive the email message below to your email address that you used during the application process.  Step-by-step instructions for activating your MyAACC account can be found in the knowledge base article: Activate your MyAACC Account

Welcome River Hawk:

To activate your MyAACC account, please visit You will need the following information below to acquire your MyAACC account.

Security Code: XXXXX
Username: rhawk2

After you activate your MyAACC account, follow these instructions to set up Multifactor Authentication (MFA): Setting Up Multifactor Authentication. MFA is an authentication feature that significantly improves account safety and security.

Your AACC employee email address is After activating your account and setting up MFA, sign in to MyAACC using your AACC email address and password. From MyAACC, you can access Outlook Email, Self Services, Canvas, and more. 

If you have technical questions, please contact the Technical Service Desk at 410-777-HELP (4357) or For employment questions, please contact Human Resources at 410-777-2425 or

Faculty/Staff ID Cards: The digital AACC ID is the college's official ID and library card for faculty and staff. Visit AACC ID Cards ( for instructions on how to download the mobile app and get your digital AACC ID card.

This is an automated email notification from Anne Arundel Community College. Please do not reply to this email.

Thank you,

Technical Service Desk

Step 2: Set up Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is required for faculty and staff to access MyAACC, Microsoft 365, Adobe Apps, etc.  This includes Email, OneDrive, Teams, Office Suite, Forms, Bookings, and other Microsoft applications. Microsoft MFA is also used to authenticate for remote access (FortiClient/VPN). 

After creating a password (in Step 1), please set up MFA using the instructions here: Setting Up Multifactor Authentication.


Access the MyAACC Portal

The MyAACC portal is secure website that contains information for AACC faculty, staff, and students.  The MyAACC Portal provides access to:

  • Ellucian Self Service - banking information, credit registration, faculty grading, etc.
  • Canvas - learning management system
  • Intranet - internal AACC department web
  • Technical Service Desk Client Portal - Submit help tickets for the division of Information & Instructional Technology (IIT)
  • Email - ex.
  • Announcements - important information including upcoming system down times
  • Quick Links - and more!

MyAACC can be accessed from the homepage.

Sign in to the MyAACC portal with your AACC email address and password.

MyAACC sign in page.

Two Accounts - (administrative) and (instructional)

All employees at AACC have two accounts, a student (or instructional) account and an employee (or administrative) account.  Access to services and email from MyAACC are dependent upon which account you used to sign in. If you don't see a certain employee option, you are likely signed in to MyAACC with your student ( account. An easy way to tell if you are logged in as an employee, take note of these first employee-only cards in MyAACC, Access Employee Intranet. The first card (Intranet) will not be visible if you are signed in as a student.

Employee MyAAC with employe only cards.


Accessing Employee Email

AACC PC/Laptop: If you are assigned an AACC device, you may access employee email using the Outlook desktop application.  No configuration on your part is needed.

Access employee email from the web or a home/personal device: Accessing Employee (Administrative) Email

Accessing My Files (OneDrive)

Files that you create or save on your AACC device are synced with Microsoft OneDrive.  More information about OneDrive can be found in the OneDrive Knowledge Base Category.

Accessing Zoom

All AACC employees have access to a Zoom pro license using the employee email address.  Follow the instructions here for signing into Zoom.

HR On-boarding and Mandatory Trainings

Human Resources requires several mandatory training programs for new employees.  Course information can be found on the Employment New Hire web page


ID Card

Faculty/Staff ID Cards: The digital AACC ID is the college's official ID and library card for faculty and staff. Visit AACC ID Cards for instructions on how to download the mobile app and get your digital AACC ID card.

Example ID card images.


Are you working remotely? The Helpful Articles for Working Remotely knowledge base article contains helpful tips and tricks for accessing remote resources. 

Still have questions?  Contact the Technical Service Desk or complete the view our Service Catalog to request a service offering.   

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