Helpful Articles for Working Remotely


The following list of knowledge base articles has been compiled here to assist AACC employees working from home.

Knowledge Base Articles Related to Working Remotely
  • Access Employee Email
    • Instructions for accessing your administrative email via a web-browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.)
  • Accessing OneDrive
    • Important files and folders should be saved to your H drive or OneDrive.
  • Installing Microsoft Office
    • Microsoft Office can be installed on your home computer/device for free!
  • Accessing Microsoft Office Web Applications
    • Your favorite Office applications can be accessed using a web-browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc).
  • Accessing Adobe Applications
    • Some Adobe applications are available through the web, and can also be downloaded to your personal computer.
  • TimeClock Plus
    • This service allows temporary employees to clock in/out daily.  Full-time employees can also use TimeClock Plus to request/approve leave.
  • Change your Password
    • All AACC employees are required to change their passwords every 90 days. Don't forget to update all of your devices after changing your password.
  • Forgot your Password
    • It happens.  Reset a forgotten password by answering your challenge questions or by receiving a security code sent to your personal email address or mobile number.
  • Remote Access
    • If you have an AACC owned Windows or Macintosh device, you can connect to the VPN to access on-site only resources, such as network drives, Colleague, etc. The FortiClient VPN requires multi-factor authentication (MFA).  Follow the instructions here to update your MFA settings.
  • Virtual Collaboration via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
    • AACC uses Teams and Zoom for remote meetings and collaboration. 
  • Forwarding your College Desk Phone
    • You may forward your office phone to another phone number or Teams phone number.
  • Accessing Canvas
    • Canvas can be accessed from the MyAACC Portal website. The IDEA Lab provides elevated Canvas support - phone: 410-777-2464, email:
  • Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Connections
    • Connecting and staying connected to Wi-Fi can be challenging.  IIT has provided a list of suggestions for home W-Fi networks.
  • Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)
    • Azure Virtual Desktop provides access to cloud based virtual desktops to support remote learning and administrative access when away from campus. AVD can be accessed from the remote desktop client or any modern web-browser on your personal computer. This solution could provide access to course specific on on-site only software for students and productivity software for faculty & staff. Click the link above for instructions on how to use AVD, or click this link to Request AVD Access.
  • Other Helpful Links

Still have questions?  Contact the Technical Service Desk or submit a ticket using our Service Catalog.  

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