New Microsoft Teams


Microsoft recently announced the availability of the new Microsoft Teams application. This new version of Teams is faster, simpler, smarter, and more flexible to help you stay productive and collaborate with your AACC colleagues. The new Teams will be available on or about November 23, 2023.

All AACC employees and students using the Teams app or Teams for web will be able to opt-in to use the new version of Teams. If you do not wish to use the new Teams experience, You may continue to use classic Teams until March of 2024 at which point you will be automatically migrated to this new version.


To enable the new Teams:

You’ll see a toggle in the top left corner of your Microsoft Teams application. Turn on the Try the new Teams toggle to begin installing new Teams. Your Teams app will reboot and open the new Teams.   

New Teams toggle to switch back and forth between new and classic teams

To return to the classic Teams:

Note: Classic Teams will be permanently removed in March of 2024 and you will be automatically migrated to the New Teams.

1: To return to Classic Teams type Teams into the Type here to search box.

Type Teams in the search box

2: Select the Microsoft Teams Classic app, as can be seen below.

Select the classic teams app

3: Teams will display two choices:

Yes, Switch back - Will take you to back to Classic Teams

Keep using new Teams - Will keep you on the new Teams

4: If asked to log in to AACC, or re-authenticate, do so and Classic Teams will open.


Unable to install the new Teams

More information from Microsoft about new Teams can be found in here: The new Microsoft Teams.  

Detailed instructions for switching to the new Teams or switching back to classic Teams: Switch to the new Microsoft Teams.

Still have questions?  Contact the Technical Service Desk at 410-777-4357 or complete the service offering form on the M365 Application service page


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