Information regarding AACC computer hardware, such as desktops, laptops, tablets and printers.

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Kyocera Private Printing

AACC's multifunction printers allow you to send a confidential document to the printer with an access code.  This means that the document will not print until you are at the machine and enter this code. The code is up to the individual and can change every time you use the function.

Printing to a Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow) Printer

AACC employees with access to a Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow) printer may "print" documents to an ImageNow Printer, storing them electronically on the AACC server. This knowledge base article goes over common printing problems and troubleshooting steps.

Standard Equipment (Faculty/Staff)

Standard hardware issued to AACC faculty and staff.

Qidi X-Plus 3D Printer - How to print 3D model.

How to print a 3D model on the Qidi 3D printer from a USB drive.

Braille Printer Juliet 120 and Romeo 60

The Juliet 120 Braille printer is used for Braille mathematics, music, tactile graphics, and documents.

Picture in a Flash (PIAF) - Tactile Graphics

Description and usage guide for the Picture in a Flash tactile graphics maker.

Bookeye Scanner

The Bookeye Scanner is a scanning system that lets users to scan and export content using KIC's intuitive user interface that requires no training, or experience to use.